Letters: While out in the snow, with shovel in tow …

With shovel in tow

It’s Carnival time, and I have a rhyme
For people out hunting for Treasure.
While out in the snow,
with shovel in tow,
Clear a fire hydrant out for good measure.

Tim Wirth, Lakeland, Minnesota
The writer is a retired St. Paul Fire captain


As though the Enlightenment never happened

There is a politically correct bandwagon filled with folks just looking to take down others for the sake of doing so and Hamline University officials stupidly acquiesced intent to destroy. This woman’s firing is insane and unacceptable. The situation should have been handled privately between professor, officials, and student who complained, followed up with a campuswide assembly educating all on the definition of education — education not in China or Afghanistan or even in the United Kingdom.

Education in the United States of America, unique among countries, does not wear a veil of secrecy protecting select groups or individuals. Education in the United States of America does not kowtow to religious beliefs. In these United States there is separation of church and state, a founding principle of our own democracy. In these United States one person’s religious beliefs do not trump another person’s religious beliefs.

When our educators are forced to submit to religious beliefs, as is quickly becoming the reality in of all places, America, education that is not free of religious fear and bias will be that which writes our textbooks. This courageous professor should be immediately reinstated without fault or record and no apologies required of anyone to anyone. In disbelief, it is as though the Age of Enlightenment never happened.

Denise Saupe, Minneapolis

Ride the rail, bosses

Here’s a quick and effective way to reduce transit crime.

Require our elected officials to commute to their jobs on bus and light rail. When they get the true experience that the rest of us endure perhaps they will change their opinion in regard to our police department. Another bonus would be the money saved by not providing automobiles, free heated parking, and gas money to them could go toward hiring more cops.

Norm Spilleth, Minneapolis

One-party rule

Kudos to Dr. Soucheray.  His commentary on the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party commitment to use the $17.6 billion state budget “surplus” to make Minnesota the “best state in the country for kids” was superb. Like only he can do it; the arrogance of power of the Democrats who control the state Legislature and all the statewide elective offices is exposed as the high satire and political self-centeredness that it truly is.

I can only add one final irony to his tale. This same crew is currently passing the new laws that they promised last summer to make Minnesota an “abortion destination.”

“Best state in the country for kids” and “abortion destination”?  An oxymoron, if ever there was one.

Jim Beers, Eagan

Not so great

Last week Governor Walz and the Democratic Party laid out their plans to spend more of our taxpayer money on programs that will make Minnesota a great place to live for all Minnesota children. In the same week the Democrats laid out their plans to solidify abortion access for all women in the state. I guess the unborn don’t  qualify as children of Minnesota.

Ann Helvick, Apple Valley

The Justus Ramsey house

As someone who grew up in St. Paul and is interested in its history, I would like to see the Justus Ramsey house preserved. I would also like to be assured that the public is safe. Last fall, out of curiosity, I stopped by and spoke to Mo Sharif about the ongoing controversy surrounding the state of the Justus Ramsey house. The latter sits on the patio of Burger Moe’s and is in terrible shape.  Much of the problem seems to be related to modifications that have been done over the years to another restaurant that is immediately adjacent to Sharif’s property. Water run-off from that establishment, owned by another party, has apparently caused much of the damage. The modifications were not done with any malicious intent, but they have resulted in a collapse of one wall and the weakening of the rest of the structure.

The Justus Ramsey house is not much bigger than a large shed. If such a shed were on my property and was in that condition, I’m sure that my own city government would order me to have the shed removed. By allowing a structure to remain in a deteriorated condition, the city as well as the property owner would be liable for any injury or deaths that might result from the continued existence of a building in such fragile condition.

Mo is a good member of the community and has been very generous to individuals and organizations in need. He employs dozens of people and has an excellent menu. Like other restaurant owners, he made sacrifices and was able to weather the pandemic, but his business did suffer. The problems associated with the Justus Ramsey house go back many years, even before Mo became its owner. It is unfortunate that local preservationists didn’t act sooner. In retrospect, they should probably have led a fundraising campaign to save this historic treasure. It is unfair to ask Mo to shoulder the costly job of preserving, maintaining and possibly moving the structure to another site. By not acting sooner, the preservationists have placed the city of St. Paul and Mo in the current situation in which only a dramatic, last ditch effort can save the Justus Ramsey house from demolition.

M.L. Kluznik, Mendota Heights