We stop traffic for VIP’s…whereas Britain fined its PM for not wearing seat belt

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has recently come under fire for uploading a video on Instagram, due to which he has been fined by the police. Can you imagine that the Prime Minister of your country is paying challans like you? This may not be possible in India but it has happened in Britain. Britain’s Indian-origin PM Rishi Sunak has to pay an challan for not wearing a seat belt.

Please tell that in England, any person without a seat belt has to pay an invoice of 100 pounds immediately. If the matter goes to court, this fine can increase to 500 pounds. Can you imagine such rules for our VIPs in India? No no… Here even traffic is stopped for VIPs.

Apologies for not wearing a seatbelt, but I thought that rule only applied to other people and not to us. You know, like all the other rules.#LevellingUpFundpic.twitter.com/ZzFmiHcgFL

— Parody Rishi Sunak (@Parody_PM) January 19, 2023

In fact, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak shared a video on Instagram during his trip to the North West, in which he removed his seat belt in a moving car. Now the police have fined their own Prime Minister, calling it a violation of traffic rules.

After the video went viral, the traffic police had said that it would investigate the matter and take action thereafter. Earlier Sunak’s spokesperson said, “It was just a temporary mistake. The PM had unbuckled his seat belt for a few minutes to film a video. He fully accepts his mistake and apologizes for it. They believe that everyone should always wear a seat belt.

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