The only hero I saw = MGR.. Actor Cho who predicted 12 years ago

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This actor is the only hero who is seen as MGR’s equal.

Published on on January 20, 2023

Thilak MGR made a great history for the people in the cinema. When he came to politics from the cinema, he won the trust of the entire people of Tamil Nadu and was the chief minister for almost five terms. Apart from her virtues, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of her beautiful face is MGR.

We also heard that Shivaji is Rajini’s next in the film. But no one has yet said that he is next to MGR. Tamil Nadu fans didn’t accept it either. So legendary actor Cho Ramasamy named an actor who looks like MGR.

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Cho Ramasamy the legendary actor is not only an actor but also a close friend of MGR, Jayalalitha etc. At the same time he is also a politician. There was no one and there was no fear at the time. Such a man called an actor like Mgr.

The actor who said yes is Ajith Kumar. Once when actor Maylaswamy told actor Ajith that MGR fans love you very much, Ajith did not believe him. But in an interview given to a magazine within two months, he said: Ajith is an actor equal to MGR.

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Actor Ajith comes in the film without any background. By his hard work he has reached the top today. He never wanted any political cause or pomp. Even after the fan release, he still has crores of fans.

Even when Ajith was growing up in the cinema, MGR fans liked him a lot. Similarly, people close to former chief minister Jayalalithaa have said in many interviews that they like Ajith very much. Similarly, the doctor who had treated him said in an interview that actor Cho Ramasamy also likes Ajith very much.

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