Oldest ‘inscription’ found in Norway, 2000 year old stone can open many deep secrets

Oslo : Archaeologists in Norway have made a new discovery. According to archaeologists, they have discovered the world’s oldest runestone. Runestones are stones on which ancient humans scratched the runic alphabet. According to researchers, this inscription is 2 thousand years old and belongs to the early days of the esoteric history of runic writing. The Museum of Cultural History in Oslo said the flat, square block of brown sandstone has inscriptions carved into it, which may be the first examples of Scandinavian words. It was said by the museum that this is one of the oldest inscriptions. It is the oldest datable runestone in the world. Oslo University Prof. According to Christel Zillmer, the find gives us a great deal of knowledge about the use of runes in the early Iron Age.

The discovery was made in 2021

Zilmer said they must have been carved using a knife or the tip of a needle. The runestone was discovered in late 2021 during the excavation of a grave near Tyrefjord, west of the Norwegian capital Oslo. After examining the burnt bones, wood and coal found here, it was believed that this stone would be between 1 BC to 250 BC. We will need more time to analyze the runestone and determine its date, he added.

what is written on the stone

The length of this stone is 31 cm. and width 32 cm. Is. Many types of shapes have been made on it, which have not been understood yet. On the front side of the stone is written ‘Idiberug’, which could be a female or male or a family name. Gilmour has called it the most sensational thing in his career. He further said that it is certain that we will get many important information from this stone. The runic alphabet was used in ancient northern Europe.

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