J-Hope of BTS – Pandora’s Box Lyrics | English Translation

Verse 1
They call me hope
Do you know why I am hope?
Pandora’s history, that’s my birth
The sincerity of the sacred heart given to man by great gods
The ray of light that is left in the Pandora box
Put it into a pure-hearted boy
Till the end, framed to become Bangtan’s hope
The ceremony of fate, knighted in that name
That’s my name
With a meaning from the depths of a myth
On my way

J to the hope
Jung to the hope
Jack in the box
Pandora’s hand
The last hope
Jack in the box

Verse 2
Someone’s light, someone’s smile
Someone’s hope, my activities are someone’s life
Time flows as the name says, someone’s star
The motto and vibes generated from my soul being refined
So I submitted my resume, finally
The first leap, hope world, the inevitability that was necessary
Keep dreaming of progress
“What’s my path?”
“What do I have to say?”
Just keep on doing my thang
A picture I drew
This dream was drawn by Zeus
Is it the only big picture?
The owner’s curiosity summoned me
This is like Pandora’s fateful criminal
Yes, I can see the world
Tens of thousands of temptations that burn with one touch
Greed, envy, jealousy, grudge
Revenge and hate
Maybe for no reason

Verse 3
We need hope
Whether it’s a lot or just a little
Benjamin Button, we aren’t afraid to walk backward
If I can take the lead and feel a little bit
I want to remind you of a little hero
This box is a frog in the well
Jump out to the big world
I want to face the disaster head-on
Look at my title
After opening the box, I believe it now
My name

J to the hope