Angered that YouTuber Andrew Tate utilized TikTok to acquire fame

Due to the success of online celebrity Andrew Tate, misogynistic influencers have amassed millions of views on social media sites like Tiktok and YouTube.

MailOnline has looked into the accounts of influencers who publish well-known videos with tips for men on how to interact with women.

Connor Prankerd, 27, advises guys that “red flags are turn-ons for women,” while Robertas Ziogelis, 28, calls himself “toxic” and boasts of wanting to put his hand around women’s necks.

YouTuber Hamza Ahmed has 1.5 million followers and costs £400 for his online course on “how to attract females without being odd and scary.” It assures guys that they will feel “prepared to dominate.”

The controversial Tate, who was detained last month on suspicion of organized crime, human trafficking, and rape but denies the accusations, has helped the internet celebrities grow their fan bases.

Campaigners said that platforms would continue to promote sexist material unless they are “forced” to stop.

Ziogelis, a Peterborough resident, goes by the name “Toxic Rob” on his Fit N Toxic TikTok page.

Nearly 22,000 people follow the account, and one million people like it.

In one video, he can be seen seated on some exercise equipment as writing reads, “Let’s get one thing clear.

I want to be inside of you with my hand around your neck when I say I want to snuggle. After that, I’ll hold you close.

In a another video, the message is: “So you’re the man that allows his lady hang out with guys?

I’ll be her greatest friend ever, so please give me her phone number, little boy.

Don’t f his best friend, f the person he despises or envies the most, reads a tape directed towards women.

In the course Ahmed is selling, customers are promised “endless energy” and access to a “module” that would teach them how to boost their testosterone levels by 30%.

You’ll feel enthusiastic and prepared to rule, the way a young guy should, it continues.

He states: “You have these f***ed up cravings inside of you and those wants are so much stronger than any of this current day nonsense of “I want to assist others”” in one video on YouTube with the title “Chase Pussy”.

The most prevalent dark urge is to completely dominate women,’ says the author.

Complete power over other guys. lowering someone else while raising someone else in the social order.

This is some dark material, but you already own it. Employ it.”

In a another one, he informs the audience that “women will only f*** winners… ladies f*** that disciplined person who they can see is increasing his standing as much as possible.”

“That time you spend, when you aren’t even there, but you went on a date simply for her,” he continues.

She stops respecting you, and when a woman stops respecting a guy, she literally and figuratively dries up.

Another film with the headline “Why males should not express emotion” was published at the beginning of this month. More than 300,000 people have seen it since Mr. Ahmed posted it.

He tells viewers, “You will open yourself in front of your girlfriend,” insisting that men shouldn’t be vulnerable with their spouses.

“You will open up to her about certain things, some flaws, some complaints, and she will hold you and truly feel relieved that you did.

“And you know what. She’ll begin to stop f***ing you. She will also appreciate it less when you really f*** her.

And when things get really bad, she’ll imagine another guy f*****g her since a feminine lady always requires a strong man, the saying goes.

The owner of the Masculine Empowerment TikTok account is Prankerd, a 27-year-old from Caerphilly, Wales. It has 2.6 million likes and more than 78,000 followers.

He often seems to be reading from the book mockingly titled “The lost language of the female species.”

He explains in one video that when she says “that’s a red flag,” it means “that’s a turn on.”

You can always find films made by ladies discussing red flags and how they will never ignore them.

We all know that females are drawn to terrible boys, which is why this kind of behavior usually originates from them. There is nothing more to it than that red flags are turn ons for women.

In another, he asserts that women should never be a man’s first priority. They must always be complimentary.

Women are a byproduct of your success, he continues.


In a third video, he advises viewers to watch out for women who want to control the show while interacting with them. Just prevent it from happening. Because the moment you let it to occur, it is finished.

Women don’t like to be in charge, thus you and she will both be unhappy in a relationship.

She will eventually tell you what to do, take charge of conversations, and—most importantly—lose respect for you if you are not the leader.

Women want to be around superiors, and leadership fits into that category. Women follow men’s lead.

In addition, Prankerd sells an ebook called “Womanese” and offers participants a £7 online dating course.

According to TikTok’s estimates, it earned $12 billion (or around £9.9 billion) through advertising last year. Additionally, YouTube reported $28.1 billion in revenue in 2021.

An investigation by the Daily Mail in September of last year revealed how young people are often exposed to hazardous material on Tiktok, such as videos encouraging suicide.

Additionally, requests to take down Tate’s films surfaced in August when it was discovered that the self-proclaimed “lord of toxic masculinity” had received more Google searches than either Donald Trump or Kim Kardashian.

A US congressman also compared TikTok to the addictive substance fentanyl this month due to the “corrosive influence” it is having on young Americans.

Matthew Hyman, a 24-year-old influencer from Newcastle, manages a Tiktok account under his real name.

He has 1.9 million likes and little under 46,000 followers. On YouTube, he maintains a similar account with a considerably smaller fan base.

He advises: “Stop trying to be a buddy on dates,” in one video. You don’t hang out with girls. Either you are her companion or she is nothing in your eyes.

If she thinks you’re a dweeb and doesn’t respect you, she won’t f*** you, no matter how sweet you are to her or how much you try to win her over.

Ryan Hamblett calls himself a “coach” on his TikTok account, which has 105,000 followers and three million likes.

His online course, “The keys to online dating success,” costs £37.

Customers will learn how to “find the highest value women to date” and “how to have unshakable confidence while chatting to ladies,” according to the company’s claims.

The statement continues, “This training will put you in a position to begin experiencing all the romantic success you actually want.”

In one of his tiktok videos, he advises viewers: “This is what you need to do if you want an easy approach to start dating and sleeping with more women.”

‘You need to start dating and sleeping with more women. When you possess this innate confidence, you may draw women to you. You naturally exude the impression to ladies that you don’t care a f***.

And ladies just cannot change town with this assurance.

They know you are a guy who can possibly show them a nice time and you’re not so desperate for them when they realize you are a man who is clearly in demand and a man who has obviously been around a bit.

Because, if things doesn’t work out with her, what does it matter? Tomorrow night, you have another date.

To hold technology companies responsible for failing to address harassment against women, the organization End Violence Against Women has asked the government to amend the Online Safety Bill.

“Many of these films violate platforms’ own terms and conditions and shouldn’t even be on these sites, much less be extensively amplified,” a spokeswoman told MailOnline.

However, because tech platforms stand to gain financially from the distribution of harmful information, they won’t cease pushing it until compelled to.

They continued, saying that social media firms should be legally obligated to take all necessary steps to stop this information from being published and promoted by its algorithms.

“Simply removing stuff after it is reported won’t ever be enough to stem the flood of abuse,” the statement reads.

Today’s culture, according to Mr. Hamblett, “is stripping away masculinity,” he said in an interview with MailOnline. He continued, “The reality is, no one really cares about men’s [sic] mental health except for those who have genuinely dealt with it previously.”

I’ve stated that my channel is satire and that my films are only for enjoyment; they are not instructional videos, Mr. Ziogelis remarked.

Additionally, there are a ton of women that upload this kind of content.

Additionally, more than two thirds (68%) of my viewers are women, and if you look at the comments, you’ll see that only women have left comments on my films.

We have contacted Mr. Prankerd, Mr. Ahmed, and Mr. Hyman for comments.

A representative for TikTok stated: “Misogyny is a horrible ideology and is not accepted on TikTok.”

To keep TikTok secure for our community, “We continue to delete any such material that violates our Community Guidelines, and continually analyze and improve our systems.”

Youtube claimed that its rigorous regulations forbidding harassment and hate speech. They said that between May and August of last year, they eliminated more than 700,000 films for breaking these rules.