Police investigate after child falls out a third-floor window in Mission Hill

Police are investigating after a five-year-old child fell out of a third-floor window and onto a minivan in Mission Hill Wednesday night, according to authorities.

Officials said that the child has been discharged from the hospital and is home with his family in Ohio.

Police received the call at 10:15 p.m. Wednesday night. A witness report reveals that a person who was walking by the house on 135 Calumet Street Wednesday night saw a window screen come out of the third-floor window and saw someone fall out of the window and land on a minivan.

The witness then saw a male come outside, grab the child, put him inside a car and leave the area. Officials responded and spoke with the driver who stated they were driving the child to the hospital. He is currently recovering in a hospital and is expected to be released as early as Thursday afternoon.

There was a large police presence overnight.

“There were like about 10 cop cars, lot of sirens and everything,” said neighbor Nolan Hawkins. “I heard that somebody fell out of a building, which is very sad, I hope they’re OK.”

Another neighbor described hearing “really distressed screeching, wailing” Wednesday night. “I thought somebody was being kidnapped,” she added.

A third neighbor heard what he thought was a fist fight from inside his apartment three doors down. “It was quite scary,” Ethan Baran said.

Police say it appears the child leaned against the screen window and fell out.

Experts advise parents to keep furniture that children can climb on away from any windows and use a window guard.

Family members told 7NEWS that the child was from Ohio, and in town to visit family. The kids were playing when he fell.