Firefighters, First Responders Honored At Marshall Fire Appreciation Dinner

LOUISVILLE, Colo. (CBS4)– A Saturday afternoon an appreciation dinner was held at the Louisville Community Park to give thanks to the men and women who responded to the Marshall Fire nearly 7 months ago.

(credit: CBS)

Firefighters and officers from Louisville Fire Protection District, Mountain View Fire Rescue, Lafayette Fire Department, Louisville Police Department and Boulder County Sheriff’s Office were invited to the event to spend time together, away from work.

“We wanted to do something as a local business to support our local first responders, for not only that day, but for every day for their support,” said Scott Brasington, the owner of Green Point Roofing.

Brasington told CBS4 that he and his employees decided to host the event because many of his friends and neighbors were impacted or helped protect the community that day. All of the food, drinks, and entertainment was donated by local businesses.

(credit: CBS)

“It’s still hard for me to put into words that day,” said Chris Melvin, a battalion chief with Louisville Fire. “My timeline that day is still really coming back to me, so it’s still foggy.”

Melvin was one of the first firefighters to get to the scene on that fateful day. It’s a day he said will live with him throughout his career.

“First responders do great things every day, and this was a special day,” Melvin said. “It’s a day we hope never happens again, it’s a day I don’t think any of us expected, so people first responders, citizens, everyone put their lives on the line that day to save two towns.”

Because through this tragedy, the community continues showing resilience.

(credit: CBS)

“Seeing the community come together and provide for one another and take care of one another, and to see the people step up and do the things for people that lost their homes is one of the best things ever,” he said.

As recovery continues, the Louisville community takes this day to give thanks to those on the front lines and hope the message of love and gratitude is received.