Sainted & Tainted: Our day at the beach was saved!


We were at the Phalen Beach opening day May 29. Our 5-year-old lost her beach ball to the wind and watched it bob up and down to the far reaches of Lake Phalen.

Great tears and sadness ensued.

Out of nowhere, a couple in a canoe appeared in the distance. We watched as they maneuvered their canoe toward the shoreline, surely out of their way, and sure enough, they scooped up the beach ball and headed toward us. We thanked them profusely, frowns now turned to smiles. Our day at the beach had been saved!

Matt Frechette, St. Paul


Kudos to Jerry Blackwell for his nomination the other day by President Biden to be a federal court judge in Minnesota, the third African-American on that bench. He was rightly recognized for his role as one of the lead prosecutors in the Derek Chauvin murder case. But he deserves to be sainted for his prior legal career, which has been superlative in representing a broad range of clients, individuals and businesses, in seeking and achieving justice. The announcement of his nomination, which should breeze through the Senate, was particularly timely coming on the eve of Juneteenth.

Marshall H. Tanick, Minneapolis


This is tainted for the woman with a slight British accent who continues to walk her dog in Battle Creek Park minus a leash. This is the park with the water park, off Upper Afton.

I have witnessed this, as I like to walk my dog in this park as well, on a leash. There is actually an off-leash dog park across the street and she needs to use it.

It is against the law to not have your dog tethered, leashed or in a fenced yard. You must also maintain control of your dog if it is leashed.

Peggy Roub, St. Paul

Thank you to Chris on Earl Street for rescuing me June 11 when my own air compressor malfunctioned. You retrieved your own compressor to inflate my flat tire so I could pick up a friend for a memorial service. Happy eagle watching!

Bobbi Wessman, Maplewood

The caring woman saying, “Good Bye” to each of the trees scheduled for destruction in the Cleveland Avenue re-do. Beautiful caring for our world.

Lynne Krehbiel-Breneman, Roseville

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