Procrastinate much? Check out these great last-minute Father’s Day gifts

It’s happened again — it’s almost Father Day and here you are without a present. What’s worse, dads are notoriously tough to buy for. They rarely tell you what they want — but of course, are happy to tell you what they don’t want. (“I don’t need another tie” is a phrase heard ‘round the country every June.)

But don’t worry — there’s still plenty of time to plan an experiential gift for Dad. Here are some inspired last-minute things to make him smile — and not one of them involves a tie.

Teach him how to bring the heat: Dads with a predilection for spice will dive right into the idea of customizing their own hot sauces by taking a hands-on course. The Pick Your Peppers: D.I.Y. Hot Sauce Class ($30 on will leave dads knowing how to create a home-bottled vegan hot sauce, and with the ability to experiment with making blazing new blends. Instructor Carina Reyes-Gonzalez also doles out recommendations for the best peppers to pick for dad’s bespoke blend. The video class can be done on pop’s schedule, too, so it’s no big whoop if it’s bought at the last minute.

A video class taught by instructor Carina Reyes-Gonzalez on making hot sauce is the perfect gift for the sauce-loving dad. (Photo

Make him the OG Top Gun: Is Maverick calling his name (and yours)? Then hand him over the gift of starting to fly himself, with lessons at a professional organization like East Coast Aero Club ( in Bedford. The highly-qualified FAA-certified instructors will do everything from take dad up just once to giving him far more in-depth private pilot training. And if that all seems daunting, just take him to see ‘Top Gun: Maverick.’

Tom Cruise plays Capt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in Top Gun: Maverick from Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Jerry Bruckheimer Films.

Feed him all the answers: If your dad’s like most, they adore pretending they know everything about why the world is the way it is, and when they don’t, they just make it up. But what if dad really knew all the answers? Take an afternoon for discovery with him via a visit to the Boston Museum of Science ( From the future of artificial intelligence and space exploration to the science of vaccinations and ways to adapt to climate change, you’ll both come away with endless intel — and having had a blast together.

Provide the wind beneath his wings: With all the food subscriptions out there, it’s tough to choose between the bacon clubs, the pastrami clubs, the bread clubs, etc. But what dad really needs to get fueled up every morning is caffeine — preferably responsibly sourced and absolutely delicious. A gift coffee subscription from Trade (starting at $108 on will deliver him any of 450+ award-winning coffees from around the globe. His productivity will soar, and you might want to get ready for some early-morning phone calls from him.

A gift coffee subscription from Trade will deliver him any of 450+ award-winning coffees from around the world. (Photo

Make him king for a day: And just in case you believed me back when I said no gifts would involve a tie, I take that back. One of the experiences dads relish the most is best enjoyed with a tie worn (or at least, a nice button-down shirt): an over-the-top scrumptious 16 oz. bone-in Prime New York steak at Grill 23 & Bar (, where he can feel like the boss. Make sure to try and get him the Godfather table — a four-top on the lower level, with his back against the pillar where he can survey the entire room. If he can’t make dinner with you on Father’s Day itself, get him a gift card and make him promise to take you when he goes. Whether or not he’s wearing a tie.