Second Sons of Boston employee indicted in connection with Marine veteran stabbing

A second employee at the Sons of Boston bar has been indicted on charges in connection with the stabbing death of a Marine veteran on St. Patrick’s Day weekend, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office announced.

Alisha Dumeer, 34, will be arraigned in Suffolk Superior Court on June 30 on a charge of accessory after the fact to murder. Details of the charges will be released at the arraignment.

These charges come in addition to those Alvaro Larrama, 38, is facing, accused of murdering Daniel Martinez during an altercation outside Sons of Boston. Larrama worked there as a bouncer. He’s appearing in court Wednesday, facing news charges stemming from a separate assault on a patron two weeks prior to Martinez’s death. Larrama is also facing an arraignment for Martinez’s death on June 30.

“This is a case that not only involves the fatal stabbing of Mr. Martinez but also the actions of people, including these two defendants, immediately after that stabbing,’ said Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden. “Our investigation is continuing and if additional charges are warranted, they will be pursued.”

Sons of Boston lost its liquor license indefinitely weeks after the fatal stabbing occurred.