Miami Beach apartment building deemed unsafe, residents forced to evacuate

Residents in an apartment building in Miami Beach have been forced to evacuate after it was deemed unsafe, Wednesday.

They have until 7 p.m. to grab their things and stay out until repairs are made.

“We’re all in a scramble to figure out what to do,” said Jose Maldonado. “It’s not the first time that some craziness that has affected everyone in the building has happened, so I think people are just generally anxious, upset, displaced.”

According to city officials, an Unsafe Structure notice was placed on the building located at 700 Euclid Ave. due to a partial roof collapse in an area where the building’s electrical systems merge.

As a result, Florida Power & Light has shut down power to the building.

“We’re stressed,” said Francis Zavala. “We have a dog, and we have food that we just bought, and it’s gonna expire. We don’t know where to leave it.”

It remains unclear what exactly caused the partial roof collapse of the four-story, 54-unit building, but residents tell 7News that water damage may have been caused by rain that hit the area last week.

Eddy Trotter says issues with the building have been ongoing for months. “It’s a little irritating because the problem has been persistent for the last six months,” he said. “They’ve known about issues with the plumbing in the building and drainage and the standpipe, and the fire department has known about it too.”

Just two units were physically impacted by the collapse. Both units have been condemned.

The city is working with the building’s owners who have agreed to provide residents with seven days in a hotel.

Residents tell 7News they have been told that they would need to stay away from the building for at least one week while repairs are made.

“I know people are pretty upset,” said Maldonado, “but following things that happened at Surfside, I’d rather hear a bunch of angry neighbors than a bunch of sad families, so I appreciate the property management doing what they can to get us out.”

The city said there were no injuries.

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