10 Months Later, Delaware County Family Continues To Search For Answers After Father Killed In Hit-And-Run Crash

CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) — For the first time, family members of a man who was killed after a hit-and-run crash in Delaware County last year are speaking out exclusively to Eyewitness News. It happened last September, but after all these months, the victim’s family says police haven’t made any arrests.

The family tells CBS3’s Matt Petrillo that Father’s Day won’t be the same without their dad.

As Chester City police are still investigating, the victim’s children have an emotional plea to their father’s killer.

“I just need them to understand how we feel,” Dai’Shonna Wilson said. “Like how could you live knowing that you killed a man, that you took a man from his family?”

She says her father was taken from their family too soon.

“I just needed way more time than them just cutting it short,” Wilson said.

The children say 61-year-old David Wilson was leaving his daughter’s house in Chester City on her birthday back in September, walking to his home nearby, when a vehicle slammed into him on Kerlin Street by Crozer Park.

“That was the devastating news I got on my 31st birthday,” Wilson said.

Wilson’s family says he was then lodged under the striking vehicle and he was dragged for several blocks before his body was left for dead in the middle of the road more than a half-mile away at 22nd and Wetherill Streets.

“How are you not gonna know somebody’s under your car like that?” Wilson said. “Trust and believe.”

Wilson, known to be a very religious man, even posted videos on social media just hours before he died.

“Faith is hope in things not evidently seen,” David Wilson said in the video.

Almost 10 months later, Wilson’s children still have so many unanswered questions.

“I go day in and day out just wondering why and what I could have done to make my dad still be here? I just need them to understand how we feel? Like how could you live knowing that you killed a man?” Wilson said.

The family wants the driver of the vehicle to make it right.

“Make it right, we forgive you, but you need to come forward and give us the justice that we deserve,” Ke’Anah Wilson said.

The family still plans to celebrate their dad this weekend for father’s day with a BBQ like they do every year.

Chester City police declined an on-camera interview. Police also didn’t answer if police had a vehicle description or a person of interest in the case.