‘It Doesn’t Matter The Breed’: Denver Animal Protection Responds To Calls Of Dogs Left In The Dangerous Cold

DENVER (CBS4) – Denver Animal Protection Officer Kristopher Sawnson spent the day Tuesday responding to calls of animals found out in the dangerous single-digit temperatures.  CBS4 rode along with Swanson as he answered one call from Tori Feller who found a tan and white labrador mix on its own wandering the street. She took in the dog and called animal protection for help.  She said the animal was shaking from both the cold and probably the fear.

(credit: CBS)

“Oh yeah he was shaking the whole time, limping at any point in time his paws would twitch one being colder than the other and he was struggling to walk,” she said,” said Feller.

The dog was given a heated kennel in the wagon which might help thaw the paws according to Officer Swanson.

“I’m hoping that’s why ad he’s not injured and he’s warming up in the kennel,” said Swanson.

The dog has a microchip implanted in him which makes reunification with the owner a far simpler task. The chip identified the owner as a man with an out-of-date phone number. The dog was taken to the Denver animal shelter, but this is just one of many calls to answer.

At another call, a neighbor complained a dog was in the yard for hours. The owner insisted the dog likes the weather
and was being monitored.

“It doesn’t matter the breed. An Alaskan Malamut, a Siberian Huskie, those dogs that do love being out in the snow, our ordinance doesn’t have exceptions for those kinds of dogs,” Swanson explained,

No citation was given, but animal cruelty cases can carry fines and jail time.